Aurola Ra​

A space to CREATE​..

Be Wild and free..
Express your unique GIFTS and talents..
Raise your vibration and connect with the INner core of your being..


A place of LOVE & Connection..



Painting of the Pyramids

The Art of Opening to Channel

An exciting weekly, creative playshop where you confidently develop your channeling, mediumship, multi-sensory psychic & Healing abilities in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere..

Every 'wild'  Wednesday from 6.30pm - 8.30pm



Learn about Channeling from your Higher Self & trusting your guidance

Develop your mediumship abilities

Fine-tune your multi-sensory, psyCHIC skills

Develop/Deepen your connection to your Guides & Helpers

Work with Colour, Light & Sound frequencies to raise your vibration

Learn how to perform powerful Invocations to Light to develop/deepen your  connection to your Higher Self.

Develop Automatic Writing skills to deepen your connection to Source

Invoke Angelic frequencies, Higher Beings, Ascended Masters & Cosmic Beings of Light

Enhance your healing capabilities

Accessing Akashic Records & Past-Life connections and reclaiming our Power.

& Beyond..


My Initiations into The Art of Channeling


I first began Channeling in 2011 after attending The Arthur Findlay college for Mediumship & Psychic development.

Each night, I became aware of Cosmic Beings visiting me and downloading information, keys & codes into my bodily systems.


In fact, i didn't sleep hardly one wink for a whole week whilst these downloads were going on.


On my return, I began to learn to Channel by diligently recording my journeys into a digital recorder.  I did this several times daily for a year and half.  I made many errors & sent down many illusionary, egoic pathways, becoming utterly disillusioned. 


However, I didn't give up and with focused persistance learnt about Multi-Realms & developed a direct link to my Higher Self by using Sacred Invocations, Dialoguing and working with Colour, Light & Sound frequencies. 


I teach you everything I know  so you  flourish, adapt & refine your skills to Create at your very own Unique Signature Code.

The idea of The Triangle™​ originates from the Mediumship concept of

'A Circle', where one sits in a circle in order to generate their connection to Spirit.  These can be either closed or open circles.  I have never liked the idea of anything being 'closed'.  I believe that ALL beings should be given the opportunity to embrace and share their gifts in an open, supported atmosphere.

Therefore the idea was born to form an open group being inspired by the Pyramids of Giza, calling this 'The Triangle™.  All Pyramids are High Frequency channels able to draw in energy from the Heavens and channel this through to Earth and vice-versa.  This gives us an incredible resource to use in order to 'tap' into our connection to our Higher Self and thus spirit.

Whilst classes are fun and playful, they are of a High standard, where commitment and discipline is required to deepen your connection to your Higher Self.


You will be 'held' in an encouraging, supportive environment, as it will be challenging at times.  However, I have full confidence in your abilities,  in order to bring forth your Gifts into the spectrum of life.

£12​ per Creation

Based in HIGHbury, London N5

Please click on the 'All Seeing Eye.." to contact me for further details..

I look forward to co-creating with you..

Thank you

                                     Aurola Ra